Snapscore is now Careerscore!

Snapscore was first created to objectively quantify professional merit. As we launched and began growing, we saw that our own pain was felt by others around the world. However, what came as a surprise was the resounding feedback we received from an active part of our user base – Tech Professionals – who not only wanted to know their score, but wanted to know how to improve it; how to use it as career benchmark; how to apply it to employment opportunities.

After considerable talks with both users and partners, I realized that the product we had created intersected with an area I have always been passionate about – accelerating the career trajectory of like minded tech professionals.

With this opportunity at hand it made sense to change the branding to better match our new product, the first data-driven career management platform. So I am proud to announce Careerscore! Careerscore maintains many of the same features, but now offers users recommendations and analysis to improve their competitiveness and match with specific employment opportunities.

I hope you will take a moment and check out Careerscore! We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals!

Newt Porter